Bigfooti works closely with major sports personalities to create innovative concepts and events that maximize value to players, fans, and communities. We provide the strategy and services necessary to conceive and execute creative concepts that deliver broad economic, educational, and cultural benefit to all stakeholders.
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Bigfooti’s contracted sports personalities maintain an active schedule of special appearances, sports camps, workshops, seminars, and promotional events. We diligently serve both athletes and sponsors to create sound working relationships and execute successful events which deliver optimal value to brands, athletes, and fans alike.

Campus Xavi Barcelona

Xavi Hernández is considered as one of the best Spanish players in the history and the cornerstone of FC Barcelona and the Spanish National Team. For Seventeen years, every summer, Xavi Hernández personally directed his Campus in Catalonia.

Considered the best campus in Spain, has seen more than 30,000 children. The campus follows a rigorous schedule of work, where children develop and refine the technical and tactical game, both collectively and individually.

Campus Xavi empowers the values of fellowship, fair play and good eating habits and hygiene!

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Michel Salgado Football Camp – MS2

Following 2 decades of football career at the highest level in European Championships with Real Madrid and Spanish National Team. Salgado in partnership with Bigfooti bring to you Michel Salgado Football Camp MS2.

Michel with his coaching team in addition to legendary guest players will be delivering high intensive specialized training course for talented kids interested to have a professional football career.

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How I compete Coaching Clinic

“How I compete” is a series of workshops and seminars hosting leaders in football industry to discuss their coaching and management philosophy, training methodology, and success formula. The two days’ program includes interactive presentations, group workshops, and Q&A Sessions.

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Samba on the beach

Samba on the Beach is an international footvolley tournament designed to provide unforgettable days of Sports and fun – on and off the field. In addition, the tournament represents a unique opportunity for hosting country to promote tourism and special attractions destinations.

Samba on the Beach represent a unique combination of beach holidays and footvolley – 2 days full of matches broadcasted live across the globe to be played by 12 teams representing the finest athletes in Europe, America, Asia, Africa, and Oceana.

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