Bigfooti works closely with major sports personalities to create innovative concepts and events that maximize value to players, fans, and communities. We provide the strategy and services necessary to conceive and execute creative concepts that deliver broad economic, educational, and cultural benefit to all stakeholders.

Our business is focused on facilitating successful sports-focused events, appearances, sponsorships and more featuring major athletes.

We work hard to fairly represent the interests of athletes, sponsors and brands to ensure that each engagement proves to be equitable, mutually rewarding, and beneficial to all parties.

Bigfooti is here to help you successfully engage with the major athletes and teams that can boost your brand and deliver a successful, popular event. We maintain a strong roster of contracted athletes and teams willing to participate in brand activations, promotional events, public appearances and exhibition matches throughout the MEA region for reputable brands and promoters.

In addition, our strong global network within football and other sports enables us to reach sports teams and personalities not yet contracted to us. If you wish to arrange a sponsorship or event, please use the form below to contact us and one of our representatives will contact you shortly to discuss your needs in detail.

    Bigfooti works hard to help teams and athletes realize the full value of their brands and their celebrity status. We work with a continually growing list of outstanding sports figures who know they can count on us to arrange appearances, sponsorships, exhibition games and special events that are in their interest and which help to strengthen their reputations and brand.

    If you are interested in obtaining Bigfooti representation, please fill out the form below. We would appreciate as much information as possible about you, your team, and your areas of interest (acquiring sponsorship, securing appearance opportunities, managing media relations, or image rights management). That will enable us to assess how we can best help you.